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Sheffield Childrens Hospital

Who We Are

Why Bassaire?

With over sixty years experience in the design, manufacture, installation, validation and maintenance  of cleanrooms and clean air products.

Whether for an individual workstation or a sophisticated multi-class cleanroom complex, Bassaire's experience holds the key to dependable and cost effective solutions for all clean air requirements.

Our philosophy has always been to provide engineering solutions to our clients unique needs that meet the requirements of cost, timescale and, above all, quality.

Quality Assured

Quality is assured by the utilisation of certified ISO 9001-2015 quality procedures.

ISO 9001 Certification
Sheffield Childrens Hospital

Why Clean Air?

Clean air provides the only effective safe guard against dust and bacteriological contaminated particles airborne in the atmosphere, which can all too easily impair critical processes in industry, medicine or research.

Contamination exists naturally in 'fresh air'; occurring when particles are released from the human body by movement and breathing, and also generated by processes and machinery.

The naturally occurring contamination of 'fresh air' is approximately one million particles above 0.5µ per cubic foot. The aim is to reduce the particulate level to meet the required guidelines and specification.

Established 1954

Bassaire is the longest established cleanroom company in the UK.

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