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S-Range Fan Filter Units

A versatile and effective air filtration unit, used in a wide variety of applications, the Fan Filter Unit is available in a wide range of sizes. Each is fully self-contained with it’s own pre-filter, HEPA filter and air distribution fan, internally controllable to permit compensation for increasing resistance across the HEPA filter.


The S-range is constructed from high quality carbon steel powder coated white and is also available in stainless steel or laminated high-density board.

 BSEN ISO 14644 (ISO Class 4 & 5)


K-Range Laminar Flow Units

Designed to protect product by maintaining a particle free ultra-clean environment, out range of laminar flow equipment combine safety and reliability with ease of use.


The K-range has a filtration unit constructed from high quality carbon steel powder coated white and is also available in stainless steel. The enclosure is constructed from aluminum tubular section with clear acrylic panels.


Conforms to standard:

                BSEN ISO 14644 (ISO Class 4 & 5)


P-Range Laminar Flow Units

As required by the relevant Standard BS EN ISO 14644 covering clean air environments, the performance of all clean air devices should be monitored on a regular six or twelve monthly basis. Bassaire's experienced Service Engineers check and monitor all significant indicators in the users' presence providing a full Service Report  of  Conformity after each visit.

Bassaire's Service Engineers are all highly skilled in repairing and maintaining a wide range of environmental control systems not just those designed and installed by our own project teams. Our services include:

  • Regular inspection visits with a breakdown callout service

  • Maintenance of all types of cleanrooms

  • Maintenance of clean air and containment equipment

  • Full in house validation capabilities

  • HVAC Testing

  • Maintain and repair the structure or assembly of your system

  • Balance airflows within the facility to maintain the correct air change rate and pressure differentials


DWS - Document Work Stations

According to research some 136 types of fungi are harmful to people and archives. Of these, 18 are thought to cause a range of irritations and diseases including disorders of the respiratory tract, the mucous membrane, even tuberculosis, and can possibly cause disorders of the liver, mycoses and abscesses.

The Document Work Station gives protection from mildew-spores, fungi and irritant or toxic sub
micron particulates.

Made from cold rolled sturdy steel structure epoxy powder coated for corrosion resistance in RAL: 9016 white with a 304 stainless steel work surface. 80mm diameter nylon castors with brakes and an impact resistant handle included.


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