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Space and Electronics Clients

Space and Electronics

Spaceport Cornwall - Class 7 Cleanroom with Crane

Spaceport Cornwall will be the first horizontal satellite launch location in Western Europe, creating - for the first time - a UK launch capability by 2022 from Cornwall Airport Newquay (Spaceport Cornwall), using the Virgin Orbit LauncherOne launch system. An integral part of the project will be the development of a new Centre for Space Technologies, a unique facility with airside access that enables space related research and development activities to be undertaken.

Spaceport Cornwall Ducting

Currently under construction we're proud to be supplying the 400sqm cleanroom for Spaceport Cornwall

National Satellite Test Facility 

National Satellite Test Facility The National Satellite Test Facility will build on and expand the capabilities of the existing RAL Space R100 facility to establish facilities to cover the spectrum of satellites from nanosats / cubesats through to large scale spacecraft and the simultaneous testing of constellations of small satellites.

As part of the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory site development programme a National Satellite Testing Facility is to be constructed on the site to form part of the STFC RAL Space Facility, within the facility.

Bassaire supplied and installed the Electrical, Mechanical and HVAC systems.

National Satellite Test Facility

Innos Class 5 semiconductor pilot facility 

Design and build of a class 5 cleanroom with wet rooms and yellow rooms for the development of rollable displays.

Innos Cass 5 Semiconductor Pilot Facility

This facility was constructed to satisfy the stringent FM fire regulations within the Philips semiconductor facility in Southampton. Bassaire carried out all aspects of the build to include the structure, plant platform and ancillary areas, HVAC, specialist gases, compressed air, deionised water and process chilled water.

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