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St Andrews University Facility

St Andrews University

CL III Facility with SR3 Rating

Bassaire successfully completed the fit-out of the entire containment level III facility which included the following; lining to perimeter walls, construction of SR walls, finishes to floors, walls and ceilings, doors and vision panels, lab benching, sinks and wash hand basins, hot / cold water supply and drainage, condensate and CO2 inlets for incubators, lighting and power.

Air supply for the suite is provided by a dedicated air handling unit installed in the newly constructed plant room which also houses a standby generator. Bassaire also supplied and installed 4 no. Class II ducted safety cabinets and the exhaust flues to roof level.

On completion of the project the facility underwent a thorough commissioning process which included tests such as, testing the air tightness of the entire suite and airlock.  

“The project was a complete success despite the site location within a major construction site.  The project was completed on time and completely satisfied all the rigorous tests required on a CL III suite. The controls philosophy achieved all the risks associated with the operation of the negative pressure suite.” - Dr John S G Smith – North Haugh Buildings Manager

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