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Fishermans Friend Manufacturing Facility

Fishermans Friend

cGMP Manufacturing Facility

In 2001, a North West based company tasked Bassaire with improving the standards of a major part within its manufacturing facility. The existing facility original had a food grade status, however this needed to be improved to a cGMP compliant facility in order to produce and export pharmaceutical products to over 120 countries, including the USA.

The required standard was to be for finished products classified only as Oral Solid Dosage Form. The company had recently developed new high speed / high volume manufacturing processes, which complicated the design of the new layout. In particular, certain areas of the new clean suite required a clear height of circa 9m.

“After an extensive research and vetting process, a number of companies were identified who it was felt were large enough and had sufficient resources and technical ability to be able to undertake a project of this size, but yet possessed management who were still hands-on in the running of the projects. The aim being to create a project team who not just had the technical ability, but could also make decisions quickly as the project progressed. Bassaire stood out as exhibiting the necessary care and consideration to our requirement, and in particular the need for clear communication, and this has translated into an excellent project that surpassed the expectations of the business owners and has been very well received by the regulatory inspectors.”

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